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BLUF Paris : Events calendar 2021

Paris : 02 Jan 2021


♦ Virtual meetings :

  • 16th January 2021.
  • 13th March 2021.
  • 29th May 2021.

♦ In person meeting :

  • 8- 10th October 2021.

BLUF Paris Team: @44@, @264@, @548@ et @1302@.


In Memoriam: Paul Lodder Blufmember 1373

Amsterdam : 14 Dec 2020

Paul was a BLUF member (1373) for years and he regularly visited the BLUF Amsterdam Meetings & Socials. He wore his leather uniform with pride and pleasure. Last Friday we were informed by a good friend of him that Paul died unexpectedly and at relatively young age. With regret we have to announce his passing.
We wish his family, friends and others strength and courage.
Board & Hosts BLUF Amsterdam

Paul Lodder, BLUF member


Happy New year 2021 ! - Message and Update about BLUF Amsterdam events

Amsterdam : 03 Jan 2021

Hi guys.
The Amsterdam BLUF Hosts & Board wish you all a very much better 2021!
The year 2020 didn't bring what most of us expected from it.
Almost al of our planned BLUF Socials and other events like the Amsterdam Leather Weekend had to be cancelled because of the Covid19 pandemic.

For 2021 it seems to get a bit better, but not very soon. At this moment we still have to maintain lockdown


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