BLUF Documentation

The following documents may be of interest to BLUF members, prospective members, or other groups that may wish to form a partnership with BLUF, such as local leather clubs or vendors. Documents are at present available online in English.

Feel free to download documents from this page for your own personal reference. However, as these are updated from time to time, we would ask that rather than passing on PDFs to other people, you refer them to this page ( if they want a copy, to ensure that they always have the most up to date version.

Latest versions

Document Description Version Updated
BLUF Card Information about the BLUF Card for prospective vendor partners 2 2nd July 2020 PDF
BLUF Event Handbook Requirements for organising BLUF events, and how to get listed in the calendar 4 3rd June 2019 PDF
Authy setup guide How to use Authy to secure your BLUF account (required for admins) 1 5th October 2019 PDF
Navigator setup guide How to use Navigator to secure your BLUF account 1 3rd September 2020 PDF
Deceased Members Protocol BLUF's procedures for handing the passing of members 1 24th March 2020 PDF
Virtual Meetings Guide A guide to virtual meetings for BLUF event organisers 3 6th November 2020 PDF
BLUF Multilingual Text Guide How to enter multilingual text and translations for BLUF 2 14th January 2021 PDF