BLUF Local News: London

This weekend in London

Here's a quick rundown of BLUF and related events in London this weekend for you.

Friday night is IGNITE, the event for men who smoke and their admirers. That's at Backstreet, from around 10.30pm. Normal Backstreet entrance charges apply - so wear tall boots and you'll get in free.

On Saturday, as there's a BLUF London event in the evening, the usual 10% discount at Regulation is increased to 15%; you'll need to show your BLUF membership card in store to get the discount.

At 10pm, Backstreet opens its doors for BLUF; again, normal entrance charges apply.

Finally, on Sunday it's the Leather Social, which is an informal gathering of all sorts of guys into leather. That's in the upstairs bar of Comptons, from 5pm

Tuesday 29 April, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3).