BLUF Local News: London

Assembling for the London Pride Parade

We'll be meeting for the London Pride Parade in the same place as in previous years, which is at the corner of Marylebone Rd and Allsop Place (by the old London Planetarium) from 1130 to 1200 before moving to take our place in the line up for the march.

Just come out of the main exit of Baker Street Station and turn to your left. Look for the MSC London and BLUF banners on the corner.

Around 12 noon, we will move to our assembly position in the parade itself. Our position is G08, and the assembly point is near the junction of Baker Street and Portland Close. Exactly where will depend on the numbers of people in the different groups.

BLUF/MSC will be with other fetish groups, including London RubberMen and SM Gays. Just look out for the BLUF and MSC flags and banners

Saturday 14 June, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3).