BLUF Local News: London

London events for 2015

We're working on events for 2015, and already quite a few have been added to the calendar - click the link at the right for the latest list.

The first BLUF of the year will be at Backstreet on Saturday 21st of February. There'll also be one at Backstreet on Saturday 2nd of May, and on Sat 26th of September

London Pride is on 27th June, and we've already registered BLUF as a marching group for the parade, which is great fun to do.

So far, there are also two dates for IGNITE, the event for men who smoke and their admirers, both at The Backstreet. The first is on Saturday 11th April, and the second on Friday 1st May.

Don't forget that the London Leather Social continues too, on the first Sunday of every month - and that means that if you want to make plans for the Mayday bank holiday weekend, it's a great time to come to London, as there'll be IGNITE on Friday, BLUF on Saturday then the Leather Social on Sunday, followed by a day off work.

Wednesday 05 November, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3).