BLUF Local News: London

Leather highlights for Fetish Week

It's Recon's Fetish Week, and there are a few events we think are of particular interest to leather guys.

On Monday evening, the official Fetish Week screening of Daddy and the Muscle Academy is at 7pm in Soho. You need to buy tickets for it in advance, at 13 pounds plus the booking fee.

From Thursday to Saturday, our friends at Mastery are having their own weekend at Backstreet, to make sure there's plenty of full leather action. Things kick off on Thursday night with Mastery Cigar, specially for guys who are into smoking.

On Friday night, it's Mastery Cruise, while on Saturday it's Mastery Classic.

Next Sunday afternoon - the 19th - sees a Leather Market Bring and Buy, at the Eagle in Vauxhall, to help raise funds for good causes. There's also a free BBQ, and Hep B testing available. So, if you want to donate any unused gear, the poster has details. You can also drop it off at the MSC London club night on Friday 17th, which is at Central Station in King's Cross.

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Sunday 12 July, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3).