BLUF Local News: London

We want your feedback on BLUF events in London

Thank you for joining the BLUF Local: London group.

Although 2015 isn't over, we're already starting to plan BLUF events for 2016, which will include a presence in the London Pride parade again, as well as club nights.

Before we get too far into all the details of that, though, I'd like to ask you for feedback on our events, so we can see about making them better.

Here are a few things that might be worth thinking about:

  • Which venues should we be using? Are there some you don't like, or new places you think we should consider holding events?

  • What type of events should we have? For the last few years, we've just had club nights at Backstreet and Hoist, plus the Pride March. Would you like to see other types of events? For example, informal 'Socials', or meals, and so on

  • Do you think the price to get into events is ok? Would you be prepared to pay more if, for example, we had exclusive use of a club for BLUF members?

  • Are there enough BLUF events in London? Too many? Just about right?

  • Are there certain times of year that you think would be better for events?

  • Would you like to see events organised around other things that are happening, for example London Fetish Week, or particular public holidays?

  • Are BLUF events friendly enough? Especially if you're a first time visitor? Are there things we can do to make new members more welcome?

Please do let us know your feedback - we want to make events in London bigger and better.

You can respond by emailing the webmaster, leaving public comments below or comment in the BLUF forum, which is private.

Sunday 18 October, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3).