BLUF Local News: London

Big savings with the BLUF membership card in November

If you don't already have a BLUF membership card, there are some great savings to be had this month by getting one. To download your card, you have to donate at least 5 pounds to BLUF, and then you can get your card here or display it in our Android app.

In addition to the usual discounts with the card, on the day of a BLUF event in London, the discount at Regulation increases from 10% to 15%. And on Saturday 28th, we have a BLUF event at The Hoist: BLUF at Hoist Black

Additionally, entrance to that event will be free for people who show their BLUF membership card on the door, compared to the full price of 13 pounds.

So, if you're in London, please consider supporting the club by making a donation - you'll easily save much more!

Saturday 14 November, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3).