BLUF Local News: London

Backstreet and BLUF in December 2015

As we've reported before, The Backstreet - home to most of the BLUF London events - has been closed since mid October, after their power supply cable was damaged by nearby roadworks. We're delighted to hear that the new power connection, which requires excavations in the alley outside the venue, is scheduled to finish in early December, allowing the club to re-open.

BLUF has a scheduled event at The Backstreet on Friday 11th of December, and my intention has always been for this to go ahead. However, in fairness to our members, we have to take account of the habits of utility companies, which could yet cause unforseen delays.

Rather than place our trust in a third party and risk having to disappoint members at the last moment - especially those who may have made plans to travel from a distance - we are slightly re-organising our December schedule.

The 'BLUF at The Backstreet' event on Friday 11th December will now be a BLUF London Social. We will update the calendar with more information on this nearer the time. We're working on an alternative venue, though we hope very much we'll be at The Backstreet. Either way, there will be a BLUF event in London on Friday 11th December.

On Saturday of the following week, the 19th, we will be at The Backstreet, for BLUF Xmas: Rescheduled and Re-opened, and I hope many of you will be able to join us then.

My apologies for any inconvenience these changes may cause.

Saturday 28 November, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3).