BLUF Local News: London

BLUF London Social update (Tuesday 8th)

A brief update regarding this Friday's BLUF London Social.

First: I do not yet have news on the status of The Backstreet. I will be getting some this week. When I do, I will post the information on this page and there will also be a mailshot to all those who registered for the event, or are on the appropriate BLUF mailing list.

So, you do not need to message me personally here, on Recon, on Twitter, on BLUF, or anywhere else for an update. All I'll do is refer you to this page.

Regarding Friday specifically, after talking with people about alternatives, it seems to me that the best alternative location would be The Eagle, where they will be having their Men Inc night. The venue has a reasonable entrance charge, and a smoking area.

As previously explained, we hope that the Backstreet will indeed be open on Friday, but until the electrical work is done this week, we can't say for certain. If it is, that's where we'll be - and if it's not, then we'll be at The Eagle.

And, if you're a BLUF member registered for the event, or on our mailing lists for London or UK events, you will hear as soon as possible after I hear.

Tuesday 08 December, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3).