Ventura, USA

1241 East Thompson Blvd, 93007

Categories: custom made leather repairs

Leather Motorcycle and Police Style Jackets. For repairs . please email site with fill in form.
also on Instargram
Horsehide available

Telephone: +1 805 643 4072

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Sarah Harris on 2 April 2020

Rating: 5

My Dad order a jacket he loves it the service was amazing the jacket fits awesome and now he is ordering a vest he called them on a sunday and they were totally helpful we love this company and would gladly recommend them to anyone

Carol Fishwick on 1 October 2018

Rating: 1

My dad ordered a leather coat from this establishment in October of 2016. He had to send his measurements 2 times just to start the process. So, many months go by and my dad makes several calls to this establishment inquiring about his coat. Most calls went to voice mail, which were never returned. Every once in a blue moon the owner or her helper would answer and tell him "We're working on your jacket" well, after 18 months my dad called me and asked me to call the business because he felt like they were purposely avoiding his calls. I got in touch with the owner (who isn't very concerned about doing what's right for her customers ) and she informed me that she got some movie deal that she had to complete. Well, my dad's coat was ordered BEFORE said movie deal so my dad's coat should have been completed first. Well, she basically started laughing at me when I explained to her that my dad needs his coat because he is a patriot guard and he rides in zero degrees if a veteran is being escorted to their final resting place. After her laughter, I had to get extremely rude to her and she said " well, I forgot about this 1 order this 1 time" are you kidding me?? You forgot?? Wow, some business owner. Then she asks me what I want her to do. I tell her I want her to call my dad every week and update him on the status of his coat. She agreed but that was a lie. She did call him right after she got off the phone with me but didn't call him again for several months when she wanted him to send her money because the coat was done. Now, we're talking around $2,000 for a coat that he has waited almost 2 years to get. So, a few weeks go by and the coat arrives, only to NOT FIT. The arms on the coat went almost down to his knees, ugh. When he called her, she replied " are you sure they're too long? " seriously?? He's 74 years old I'm sure he knows if a coat fits or not. So he has to pay quite a bit of money to return the coat for her to repair which I think she should have paid the postage on but she did not. He waits 2 more months to get the coat back only to see that the belt he also ordered and wanted his name on was blank and a pair of gloves he asked the plastic on to be replaced with leather were actually repaired with plastic. So, it's been 2 years and my dad finally has a coat to wear this winter but will he or any of his friends order a custom coat from CAL- LEATHERS? Extremely doubtful.

A A on 9 December 2017

Rating: 5

Best classic leather motorcycle jackets ever! Staff are awesome, helpful, and friendly. They'll make you a new custom-fitted jacket, repair your current one, or even make custom accessories for you.

Mike Bunde on 10 May 2019

Rating: 5

Best custom made leather jackets anywhere!!

Uwannadon on 24 October 2018

Rating: 1

This place needs to pack it up. Overpriced and pretty much could care less if your in the building or not. Just keep texting on those phones ladies. All I wanted was a zipper replaced on a sleeve and got "well we make jackets yanoe? You might want to try a shoe repair place. " Really? Didnt know you were so big that taking care of your customer was trivial. They must sell on Ebay or some other means because from what I see the shop sure isnt doing any business

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