Rub Addiction

Berlin, Germany

Kurfürstenstrasse 33, 10785

Categories: custom made repairs rubber

In addition to our made-to-measure garments we also design unique pieces according to the individual wishes of our customers. We are the designers of your thoughts, visions and fantasies, which you dare not speak. We release your inner passions and manifest them in unique tailor-made garments. We of course also offer our services to theatre, film and TV productions developing design concepts and manufacturing outfits.

Telephone: +493027581240

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Monday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
Tuesday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
Wednesday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
Thursday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
Friday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
Saturday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Rating and reviews


michel k on 11 October 2019

Rating: 1

I will let the photos do the talking. The first photo is what I ordered; the subsequent shows you what I received.

Tyler O'Neill on 10 May 2019

Rating: 1

This review is 1/5 entirely due to service. Product review is 5/5. Short version: Zero communication, a string of questionable truths, and terrible customer service. Long version: I made an online order early February with a receipt and confirmation email sent to me within minutes. My item was in stock, but I assumed that it might take a few days to package and ship (7-10 days) and then shipped to the U.S., clear customs, etc (approximately 7-10 days). So with that being said, early March seemed like an expected delivery time. On March 18 I received an email from Rub Addiction that my package had been delivered -- which it had not. Assuming it might have been an issue with the delivery company, I immediately emailed the store at both email addresses (info@ & shop@) requesting assistance. One week passed and I hadn't heard anything back. I sent two follow-up emails. Still nothing. I then called the shop and learned they were moving from a previous location into Gear. I left a message with someone at Gear requesting that an employee of RubAddiction return my call. Several days go by. Still nothing. I then assume something was lost in translation, so I had someone call who is a native German speaker to follow-up and he was assured that someone would call me back within a day. No follow-up, no calls, no emails. Absolutely zero communication from RubAddiction. It is now end of March and I am traveling for several weeks -- effectively unable to bring my package with me (8 weeks after my initial order). I called again mid-April. Again, no response. Luckily I was in Berlin for Easter. I went to the shop. Of course, the shop was very busy. Nevertheless, I am a customer who did not receive my package and I needed it to be resolved. I explained to the Alexander my situation. Rather than provide any level of apology or empathy, he told me the shop was too busy today for him to deal with this and that I should just give him my number to follow-up. Seeing that this was not effective over the past 10 weeks - that didn't seem like a reasonable solution. He said that he had no way of knowing where my package was as he had to check with his stock room. He indicated that no one was there -- which was likely a lie as we accidentally called the stock room not 1 hour before and an employee picked up. I also thought, again, we were dealing with a language issue and I had someone explain my plight to him in German. When he wasn't interrupting us both and not changing his position on my circumstance, Alexander's complete unprofessional response to my request for help was astonishing. I finally conceded and provided my number and asked for a follow-up that night via WhatsApp. He said no problem. Alexander messages me the next night, unlike he said he would, but indicated that my package was "returned recently and damaged". I had a hard time believing this, but who knows. Regardless, he said the package would be sent out again following the Easter holiday (April 23). I returned to San Francisco, and still, no information on a tracking number, nothing. I emailed again. And again, no response. Finally on May 3 I received notification from DHL that my package had been sent. I received it today. Completely disappointed with the negative level of "service" I experienced with RubAddiction. In total, it took almost 90 days to receive an off-the-shelf product. No excuses should be made.

Andreas Mehrens on 14 September 2020

Rating: 5

Ich muss Danke sagen. Innerhalb von kurzer Zeit zwei Individuelle Anzüge bestellt und absolut zufrieden damit. Vielen lieben Dank und Gruß aus Hamburg

Sven Appelt Rubber on 7 May 2020

Rating: 3

Thanks for shadowing! We feel much more cared for by you and your lawyer! Thanks Alexander! 😘😘

David Laver on 7 May 2020

Rating: 3

Very unfriendly man, looked bored and annoyed. I felt like I was being treated from above. The service in the upper store was much more pleasant.

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