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About us
Members of BLUF Stockholm, with curious friends, meet regularly to socialize.
We meet for dinner before we continue to “Club Berlin” at SLM Stockholm approximately 5-6 times per year. This normally takes place on a Saturday in odd months.
We also meet for dinner before Scandinavia’s biggest fetish event “Baltic Battle” in October.
We also try to arrange BLUF Social 3-4 times per year, normally a Friday in March, August and October, in cooperation with SLM Stockholm.
To attend SLM Stockholm events, see “Important information” below.

On the agenda
BLUF Social on Friday October 19 between 8 pm and 10 pm at SLM Stockholm. The club then opens at 10 PM. This is a great way to start the Baltic Battle weekend in Stockholm. Take the chance to meet locals and visitors in a relaxed atmosphere with very reasonable prices in the bar.

BLUF Dinner on Saturday October 20 at 8:30 pm at a restaurant in central Stockholm. We get a good meal with old and new friends before we continue at the oldest and largest fetish party in Scandinavia, the 41st Baltic Battle. (Tickets to the party are available at the Baltic Battle web page.)

Important information about SLM Stockholm events
For SLM Stockholm events you need either a full year membership card for a SLM, Top of Europe or ECMC club or BLUF. The valid membership-card must be presented at the entrance upon arrival.

You can also sign up for a temporary membership (1 month) for 150 SEK at the SLM Stockholm webpage, but not later than 6 pm on the same day. See the webpage for more info. See below.

Useful addresses
SLM Stockholm –
Baltic Battle –
Facebook –
Email -

For more info, you can also contact the local BLUF-members:
Navygaytor (2711), Jippe (3444), Kristofer, aka Nordic Wolf (897)

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